Heyyyyy Greeting Card Lovers!


Have you ever felt that you weren't really satisfied with your greeting card options? 


Or that the options available didn't represent you, your culture or your personality? 


Or even that the price of the cards never quite matched the quality? 


We've all been there -- and unfortunately we repeat this cycle of regret with every upcoming event, birthday or major holiday; especially during our last-minute sprint to the drug store. 


It's time to change that constant struggle with THE CARD BOX. by House of Mimi! The answer to your greeting card prayers has FINALLY ARRIVED! 


THE CARD BOX. is a quarterly subscription box which includes 10 premium printed, melanated greeting cards for the upcoming holidays and special events in your loved ones' lives. The greeting cards featured are fun, current, and a reflection of your style and swag; packaged in a rich feel and flair. Each card comes with a luxe envelope and seal to give an experience they will always appreciate and never forget. 


Any one who loves giving greeting cards can save time by using 'The Card Box.', because it brings quality, cultured, display-worthy cards to their doorstep. Instead of having to sort through hundreds of options that don't quite fit your personality, you can save your time and energy and subscribe for 'THE CARD BOX.' -- 10 amazing cards for 10 amazing people in your life! 

Boxes are LIMITED...so join the waitlist today and get early access to subscribe before anyone else!

The Card Box.

  • You are signing up for the PREMIERE BOX. ( MAY + JUNE Edition.) Mail Date: 4/26/2021


    Each box includes: 

    10 Premium Printed, Melanated Greeting Cards

    10 Luxe Envelopes

    10 Luxe Seals

    ...with FREE SHIPPING!



    Mimi's Favorite Pen

    Sample Card Scripts

    + Secret Bonus Gift, Just For You + 

show us your style + get featured! #HOUSEOFMIMI

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