House of Mimi has donated and sold over 1,500 masks with virus/bacteria grade filters to healthcare professionals across the United States. Thank you for your support!  Each mask includes a filter made from MERV-13 grade filters (bacteria/virus blocking -- .3 microns and above). Mask can be washed and filter can be reused up to 30 days. Masks has not been tested by CDC. Sanitization and precautionary measures are suggested to continue to flatten the curve from spreading COVID-19.**MASK ARE HANDMADE AND MADE TO ORDER. ALL ORDERS ARE SUBECT TO OUR STANDARD PROCESSING TIME OF 1-7 BUSINESS DAYS — because of the high demand, please allow a week after your purchase to inquire about the status of your order if you have not received any shipping information. Your safety and health are a priority for HoM and we are moving as fast as we can to ensure speedy shipping.**For bulk orders more than 10 — please allow up to 2 weeks for shipment details. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING.

The Mandible. — Classic

  • Masks are created in a smoke and pet-free home and come fully sanitized. Take out your filter and gently handwash your mask every 2-3 days with a mild, fragrant-free detergent. The use is fabric sanitizing spray is also suggested for hightened safety. Allow to air dry and put filter back inside your mask once fully dried. Filter can be used for up to 30 days.